Adjacent Land


Spearfish Canyon to Maitland Road

All most all the property west of the Rubicon (Highlighted in yellow) is wildlife habitat and forest service and is extremely hard for the general public to access, unless they know exactly where to get into this region. Much of it is also off limits to the general public because of gates that are closed seasonally. However, the Rubicon is located with in these property barriers and access is not an issue. Scott actually went to Federal Court to make sure his access was guaranteed on FS 220 and was granted an exclusive access. This would include his guest and heirs and future property owners. It is unknow actually how may acres this covers but it is in the thousands.

The Rubicon has 4 sides with no property owners living on either side for miles.  One side is US Forest Service and another is mine property (Barrick Gold) i.e. old Homestake property which is the largest property owner in South Dakota.  The South and Western sides are private property owners.





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