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The Rubicon, 46.88 acres of pristine mountain top, secluded, Black Hills real estate and a 3000 sq. ft. ranch style home with a 3 story solar tower. (I only have 9 acres left to sale!  All property has been sold and I’m willing to part with the last nine acres – A.K.A. Fog Lode) Only serious buyers will be considered.)

Property Price Break Down-

M.S. 1746 Garrison (Mineral 1743 thru 1763) 18.41 Acres (Sold)

w/3000 Sq. Foot home

w/ 3-Story Solar Tower & Solar Elec. Panels  & Wind Generators

M.S. 1746 Garrison #2 (Mineral 1743 thru 1763) 19.42 Acres                          House/Land $360,00 Appraised Valued PDF (Sold)

M.S. 1377 Fog Lode (Mineral 1299 thru 1398) 9.05 Acres                                 9.05 Acres   $10,000 An Acre or $90,000.  (For Sale)


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