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Sustainable Living - Land and Home For Sale

One of the greatest parts of Sustainable Living was eating fresh vegetables grown on The Rubicon.

Scott lived the first 6 years on the Rubicon with “Off Grid” solar/wind electric power.  His power plant was designed and installed by himself.  This system remains on the property self contained and on a 3 story tower that Scott built exclusively for this purpose.  Currently the storage system/battery back-up is not active on this system.  A backup power battery storage system would run a”Plan B”.  A small part of the solar system is currently powering the well pump.  That way you know you will never be without water, even if the grid goes down!  Scott will be happy to explain the full system, but it pretty much manages itself.  The house and property are all wired to State Electrical code and the whole system has been inspected.

Picture of Flowers growing in Greenhouse (8’x24′) attached to the house.


Solar Electric - Home For Sale

Power Tower for The Rubicon

Power Tower for The Rubicon

The solar electric system was valued at about $18,000. New and still holds a great value just on the solar panels alone. Each panel (12 Total) is worth close to $800. a piece.

Today they system sits pretty dormant, however can be reactivate pretty quickly with just an upgrade of a 24v battery for backup and storage for around $3500.00

The Tower has 3 floors:

1st floor – Storage

2nd floor – Finished guest room (12’x12′)

3rd floor – Observation Room (12’x6′) plus some storage

Note: The Power Tower was designed by Scott Prentice to represent and look like the mining industry’s shaft towers for lowering cages under ground.



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