This is natures paradise! From little squirrels, chipmunks, marmots, coyote, to mountain lion, whitetail and mule mountain-liondeer, elk*, and a reintroduction of big horn sheep. The Rubicon is a host to geese and duck heading south or returning home for the spring. The night air will carry the hoots of owls and the days will echo the calls of grouse and other small game birds. Scott said 5 peacocks showed up back on 2005 and never left. He later found out that they escaped from Spearfish wildlife habitat, but ended up making the Rubicon their home with the chickens. They were such a welcome family and fit right in with the neighborhood.

Mountain Lion are legal to hunt on the Rubicon with a state license and there have been many seen and heard in the area and on the Rubicon.

Fishing is a luxury that a person gives himself. Fly fish the local streams in the area for small brook trout or head down to the head waters in Spearfish Canyon and you’re sure to fill you frying pan with some nice sized trout. Or forget the fly rod and just head down to Cheyenne Crossing top of Spearfish Canyon and have them cook the best sourdough pancakes and trout you’ve ever had!

One of the greatest noises you will hear on the Rubicon is the beautiful whistle of a bald or golden eagle. Swirling only 100 or so feet above, this majestic creature has become a mainstay in the region as a sanctuary has been set up just below on Spearfish Fire trail 220. They have found natural habitat in the towering ponderosa pines and travel the canyons for breakfast, lunch and supper!

*Elk haven’t been seen on the Rubicon, however their hoof prints have been and a small herd has been seen only about 1/2 mile away on a high mountain prairie.

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